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Premium Altitude Mask

Image of Premium Altitude Mask

Our Premium Altitude Mask allows you to take your cardio sessions to the next level, replicating the conditions associated with high altitude training.

Ergonomic design - The workout mask is made of non-toxic silicone body and adjustable elastic non-slip straps,one size fits most people. It can reduce the risk allergic reactions and skin irritations. The Soft and smooth material is adjustable to fit your shape of face perfectly.

3-Levels air flow regulator provide you different options.If you are a new user,you can choose the level from low to high for training to increase your lung capacity. Pushing your limits step by step

You can switch the resistance levels without take your fitness mask off so that you could get back to focusing on your workout. The sleeve is disassemble,changeable and breathable and it is washable after your exercise

Rise to the Challenge - You can start your ultimate challenge when you are free to control the breathing rhythm at every Level. Burn more fat,build more muscle, increase your capacity, push your limits and leave your competition behind.

Are you ready for extreme training at your convenience, anywhere in the world?

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