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Ace Blackout Premium DIY Kit

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Does your Football club have a black boot policy or do you just love customised blackout football boots?

Redesign and completely transform your existing boots with our premium Ace Blackouts kit, using the best products and blackout process on the market!

Apply our 3 step guided Blackout Kit to both new and old boots, allowing you to customise exactly to your preferences. Make them unique and give them a new lease of life!

This kit with its instruction booklet guides you through the '3 steps' you need to black out all or part of your boot the professional way.

Our products repair and restore all leather/fabric boots, both adding moisture and factory boot protection to your boots.

Our premium blackout kit is perfect for players oversea's who want to get in on the action and other players who may struggle to part with their boots because of training or match day commitments and want to customise their boot in their own time who have the creative edge!

Kit Contains:
•Step 1 - Surface Preparer
•Step 2 - Surface Dye
•Step 3 - Surface Protector
•Protective Gloves
•Preparation Surface Cloths
•Performance Laces
•Easy Instructions